Zodiac Signs With the Biggest Sex Drive

Is there any chance you could take a PTO day next week? It could help you let off some steam. With the moon in a fellow water sign, you're majorly in your feels today — and it feels like everyone around you is here to provoke. Your intuition is strong, but today, you might not want to trust it above reason. Today's topic: Your daily horoscope for August 7, Happy hump day!

Kiss the mid-week blues goodbye, because lucky planet Jupiter who is currently comfy in its home sign of Sagittarius despite being retrograde is forming a gorgeously harmonious trine aspect with the glitzy Leo sun today, and it's turning everything it touches into gold. Today feels abundant: Like the overpowering scent of fully-bloomed cut flowers in your vase, or a ripe peach on a hot August day like, well, today!

Bustle chatted with astrologer Lisa Stardust about today's astro magic, too. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, expansion, and good luck. When it meets with life-giving, vitality-abundant sun in such a sweet and powerful way, there's virtually nothing negative that can dim its light. Trust your moral compass today and allow your highest vibes to guide you — they'll know where to point. Derive joy from having an active mind. Realize your potential. Take up space. Let this hyperactive optimism and joie de vivre spill into the future, even when this transit is just a distant memory of a random Wednesday in August.

This is the kind of momentum you want to build on. The moon is up to some stuff today too it's squaring Venus, which can cause some emotional upset , but honestly, those vibes are being fully overpowered by the largest Jupiter and brightest Sun planets in the astrology world today, and there's just no way to compete.

Recently, I heard someone share that if you want something and expect something, it will soon be yours — so on that note, believe that you're charmed today: It's written in the stars. On that note, here are the horoscopes for each zodiac sign today. And remember: If you can't get enough, check out your August horoscope for a full overview.

Do you today, Aries, and don't worry for one second about what anyone else thinks. TBH, they're probably only thinking good things, anyway!

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Weird and wonderful: let that be the vibe. You're uniqueness and authenticity is the solution to any problem that could arise today. Move around some furniture or finally hang up that poster that's been sitting around so the fresh energy of your home mirrors the fresh energy of the day. No need to shrink yourself down for anyone else's benefit, Gemini — because truthfully, you being less yourself is a benefit to no one anyway. People look to you for your viewpoints today, even if it's just to help them craft their rebuttal.

Give them the satisfaction. All this astrological energy has got you in the mood for mid-week revolution.

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  4. You're not always one to stir the pot, but when it comes to matters of justice at work today, you may find yourself leading the charge. Today's a day to expand potential. You, of course. Grab the mic today. Not one to live in the past no room in your curated schedule for that , now is there? Lean into it. Fire can light the torch that burns through the night or set the whole house on fire. On that note, today is all about balance, especially when it comes to playing your relationships to your advantage. Remember when I said everything was turning to gold today?

    For you, Scorpio, it's manifesting in gold coins. Your hard work has been paying off literally , and today you're bursting with inspiration. Open yourself up to the abundance wave that you've caught in the surf. Jupiter's expansive energy meeting with the sun is shining its spotlight on your need to explore. You're not meant to live inside the same four walls for too long, Sag, so allow your imagination to help your next getaway materialize. Sometimes, when we're confined for too long, we have the illusion of feeling more comfortable in a small space. Don't be afraid of the space that's growing around you today — stretch your muscles and enjoy it.

    Sometimes you enter a sort of portal where things just magically fall into place and synchronicity is abound. Today's astro energy is opening one of those very portals for you, Aquarius. You're not the competitive type, so don't try to be. All you have to try to do is be yourself, and today is the perfect day to practice embracing that self-lovin' attitude. Giving your ego a little boost today is going to help you in the long run.

    Today's topic: Your daily horoscope for August 8, Oh my goddess, today is a magical day in both astrology and numerology: It's Aug. Jupiter, the planet of good luck and abundance , is living its best life this week — and it's subsequently helping us to live our best lives, too.

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    Yesterday, Jupiter formed a gorgeous trine with the life-giving sun, and we're still feeling the positive, glowing vibes of that aspect. And today, the greater benefic planet blesses us once again in its meeting with the ever-lovely Venus, planet of love n' money, in yet another sweet trine aspect that's pouring rainbows and blessingz and magic on us all day long — especially when it comes to love and money.

    Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust about this transit, too. Your feels will be met with positive vibes! If you're looking for a bit of good luck and auspiciousness, the time is now. Let's talk luna. The moon kicks off the day by quarreling with Mars a bit in an early morning square. Later this afternoon, the moon will join the currently- retrograding Jupiter in fast-moving, philosophical Sagittarius, which might normally make us restless, but today may just add a lil' extra energy to our Jupiter-fueled good moods. All in all, the Jupiter trines of yesterday and today are a couple o' powerhouse of loveliness, and we should all take advantage of the good vibes.

    Check out what's in store for your zodiac sign today, and if you can't wait til' tomorrow to know even more , you can peep your whole entire August horoscope at once and be really in the know. This trine has got you feeling social n' sexy. It's not quite the weekend yet, but it's close enough. The moon opposes your sun early in the day and positively aspects Mercury, so you're going to be seeing things clearly when it comes to your own talents and creative abilities. The flip side of this coin? You're also going to see where you're not being valued enough. Start a plan to take action. Halt before you even think about trudging down memory lane today.

    This day's energy is asking you stay in the present and trust that the future is bringing you some serious magic. Practice being in the moment today, and ground yourself anytime you notice yourself getting to stuck in your head. You know what you're doing, so trust yourself today! This kind of leadership is a really good practice for you, Cancer.

    Daily Horoscope: October 9th - October 11th

    Lean into it and hey, you might just find yourself embracing some new and powerful parts of yourself for the long-term. C'mon, it's Leo season: Every day is just another movie in which you're the star, Leo. Today's flick? A love story. Today's energy is so beautiful, but how can you actually enjoy it if you're totally burnt out? You're as hardworking as they come, Virgo, but today is a good day to treat yourself to a bit of self-care. Vibes are high for you today when it comes to making connections and growing that extended network of yours. You're a master networker every day, it's true — but today, with your ruling planet Venus is such a charming trine, you can really make some magic happen for yourself.

    Don't sleep on this auspicious opportunity. You continue to absolutely slay the game at work, and today is only making you feel even more powerful. But it's not just a feeling: You really are that much of a boss right now. Hope for the best, and expect the best, too. You're making all the right moves and your intuition is on point today.

    Your ruling planet Jupiter is in a sweet and dreamy trine, and it's almost finished with its retrograde for the year. In other words, doors are opening for you left and right, so jump into this energy while it's still swirling. Keep your eyes and heart open for the little moments today and remind you of your path. You earth signs, always doin' the most. Today is a day for enjoying the synchronicity and love that surrounds us, even in the darkest and most stressful of moments — like a flurry of high-importance e-mails in your inbox.

    Take a deep breath and remember that you deserve peace, too. A little help from your friends is definitely nothing you'd shy away from asking for — and today, it's going to prove very beneficial, as your crew may offer the missing puzzle pieces you've been waiting for when it comes to furthering things in your career sector. Venus is blessing you with luck in money, so tap your squad for assistance.

    Luck is on your side today, little fishy, so swim right up to the HBIC and speak up for the most important and deserving person in the room: You, of course! But today, the planets are handing us a metaphorical four-leaf clover and asking us to step into the light. Today's topic: Your daily horoscope for August 9, Today is a chill-ass day on the astrology front, with no major, earth-shaking aspects — just a nice, relaxed Friday vibe that'll help us kick off the weekend stress-free.

    Don't sleep on it! The moon is in Sag all day today, so we're feelin' the happy-go-lucky lunar energy and it should energize us both mentally and spiritually. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust about how miss Moon will affect us on this fine Friday. Think and dream big! This cute n' wild Sag moon is also flirting with Venus and the sun tonight, both of whom are in flashy Leo, and forming a trine aspect with each, kicking off with Venus at a little after 10 p.

    I absolutely love the energy of these fire sign trines for a Friday night vibe. It's a super cute astrological energy to boost our Friday night spirits. Anyway, TGIF! Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from today's astrology based on your zodiac sign — and remember, if today's horoscope doesn't satiate your astro appetite, you can read your full August horoscope for a month's worth of predictions. Keep things chill tonight, Aries, cause all this fire sign energy might have people riled up — and you know you can't say no to a good argument.

    Capricorn Daily Horoscope, September 28

    Either way, keep in lowkey. Money stress is killing your vibe today, but pretty miss Venus is here to help you wash away your troubles. Don't freak — just take care of business today. You have a tendency to think of everything — including relaionships — as a strategic mental game of chess.

    Not saying that's a greaty way to live, Gemini, but you can go on with your bad self today and plot. Cancer, we don't want you feeling boxed in today! This blast of energy needs to be expressed, and a physical outlet is the best way to let it out.

    Aquarius Horoscope 2020

    Sex during this time will be fast-paced and really, really hot. When Venus, planet of love and beauty, enters your sign on Sunday, you steal the limelight from everyone around you. Venus goes retrograde in a couple of weeks and heads back into Libra, which could turn all of these new meet-cutes and relationships upside-down. Nothing can stop you under the optimistic and fiery Leo moon tonight, Sagittarius! There could be some sizzling hookups in the stars for you! Have fun with the high-energy astrology while you can, because things are about to slow down.

    Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday, in the most isolated, subconscious part of your chart. Use this time to get more in-sync with yourself and your desires, and teach yourself new ways to find pleasure! On the other hand, intense but secret affairs can begin under this astro-influence. This fiery moon phase can help you see sparks fly in the bedroom, and finding someone to share the heat with will be a breeze when Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday.

    Your Daily Horoscope for Friday, October 4

    This signifies more action in your social life, and brings more outings and get-togethers! A sense of boredom in your love life has developed into an aching need for change and excitement, and on Wednesday, your prayers for newness may be answered. Venus opposes the planet of suddenness and disruption, Uranus, activating the zones of your chart related to relationships, sex, and romance. This moment can surprise you with anything—an unforgettable hookup, an instantaneous attraction to someone, or just an extraordinarily exciting day!

    Connecting with someone else feels like a top priority for you tonight, Aquarius. The focus on deep, committed relationships and your sex life is profound, especially when the moon is in Virgo for the remainder of the weekend. Have you been wanting to commit to someone? Venus, planet of love, entering Scorpio on Sunday marks the perfect time to pop the "what are we?

    Fun and games unfortunately have to take the backseat to your day-to-day responsibilities, Pisces. The Leo moon is glowing in the zone of your chart regarding work tonight, but the rest of the weekend is wide open under the Virgo moon. The passionate energy created here could indicate a mind-blowing hookup with someone new, or it could represent falling in love with a new position or kink you try out in bed. Venus slides into sexy Scorpio on Sunday, in the most adventurous zone of your chart. Follow Jake on Instagram.

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